Essential Skills Manitoba
‘Snapshot’ Assessment

SNAPSHOT is an Essential Skills assessment that provides an overview or “snapshot” of your Essential Skills to support meaningful career-planning discussions between you and your advisor. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate all of your current Essential Skills through assessments and activities. Please note that the assessments are not pass/fail, but an indication of your current Essential Skills.


Throughout the day, you will be assessed through formal pen and paper assessments, self-assessments, skills demonstrations through hands-on group activities, and semi-structured observations. An assessor will administer the assessments and facilitate the group activities.

Is Snapshot the Right Assessment for me?

This assessment may be helpful if you:

If you would like to discuss if you are a good fit for this program, please contact us at: 204-282-9980.


ESM staff have access to and knowledge of various supports for every need. While in the program, please speak with your assessor if you are struggling or need assistance with anything that may be hindering your success.


Expect the assessment to be from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM on the day you are scheduled. You will get two 15-minute breaks and a one-hour lunch break each day.

A 30-minute debrief meeting to discuss results will be scheduled approximately two weeks after you complete the assessment.

Final Reports

Upon completion of Snapshot, a Report Summary will be created to indicate your strengths and areas for development for all nine Essentials Skills. If applicable, recommendations for upgrading and training will also be included in the Report Summary. This may include ESM’s Essential Skills Training or Reach Forward. A copy will be provided to you during your debrief.

What’s Next…

Upon completion of the assessment, your Report Summary will be forwarded to the appropriate contact based on your referral. You may be referred to:

Skills and Employment Partnerships (SEP)

If you are referred to SEP, you will be given an appointment to meet with:

Employment & Income Assistance (EIA)

If you are referred to EIA, you will be recommended to arrange an appointment with your EIA Case Coordinator (CCO) to discuss the steps you will need to move forward.

Other Organizations

Upon your request, a copy of your Report Summary can be forwarded to another organization or contact.

How to Register

There are three ways to register for this assessment: