Moving Forward

Moving Forward is a two-day workshop designed for people who are “stuck”. Participants will learn what keeps us “stuck” and why, even when we want to change, we don’t. Participants will be invited to consider areas they want to change, need to change, should change, or told they have to change in the direction of work … but are not so sure they want to or even can change.

On the first day, participants will be given the autonomy to choose for themselves what makes most sense for them based on the exploration of their hopes, dreams, and values. Day two will be focused on the number one reason people stay stuck and how participants can move confidently towards the change they have identified. Participants will begin an action plan that will support success in their identified change.

This workshop will help:

  • Identify the benefits of change in relation to the individuals living situation, self-esteem, financial situation and relationships
  • Identify the personal considerations for or against change in relation to employment
  • Learn about the stages of change and what keeps people stuck or recycling through the stages of change
  • Engage in activities and discussions that foster enhanced understanding and action within the stages of change model
  • Outline next steps in their employment path

If you would like to discuss if you are a good fit for this program, please contact us at: 204-282-9980.


ESM staff have access to and knowledge of various supports for every need. While in the workshop please speak with your facilitator if you are struggling or need assistance with anything that may be hindering your success.


Expect the workshop to be from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM on the days that you are scheduled. You will get two 15-minute breaks and a one-hour lunch break each day.


You may be scheduled directly to an ESM Assessment to identify your current Essential Skills or be required to meet with your referrer for next steps.


There are two ways to register for this workshop:

  • Speak with your Employment and Income Assistance Case Coordinator;
  • Speak with your Skills and Employment Partnerships Career Development Consultant;