Essential Skills Manitoba
Essential Skills Training

Essential Skills Training provides you with the Essential Skills needed to progress towards your occupational-goal. The Essential Skills you will develop in this program are transferable skills required in every workplace.

Your lessons will focus specifically on the Essential Skills you need, giving you the opportunity to accelerate your progress towards your occupational-goal. By upgrading these skills, your career and education options will expand.

This program is largely self-directed and provides one-on-one support as needed. Course material can be tailored to each participant and their chosen occupation.

Essential Skills Manitoba assesses and teaches Essential Skills up to Level 3, based on the Essential Skills profiles available from Employment and Social Development Canada.

Essential Skills Training offered:


This program may be helpful if you:

Successful participants of this program generally possess a positive attitude, demonstrate a willingness to grow, and have no (or few) workplace barriers.

If you would like to discuss if you are a good fit for this program, please contact us at: 204-282-9980


ESM staff have access to and knowledge of various supports for every need. While in the program, please speak with your instructor if you are struggling or need assistance with anything that may be hindering your success.


Classes are Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. You will get two 10-minute breaks and one 45-minute lunch break each day.

Program length varies depending on your current skill levels and the levels required for your occupational-goal.


Upon completion of the Essential Skills Training program, a Final Report identifying your skill levels and recommendations will be developed.

The reports will identify your current Essential Skills levels and skill gains in the areas you upgraded. Feedback will also be provided on strengths and areas for development. If applicable, recommendations for further upgrading and training will be included in the Final Report.

A copy of your Final Report will be forwarded to your Employment and Income Assistance Case Coordinator and your Skills and Employment Partnerships Career Development Consultant. They will also receive progress and attendance reports throughout the program. A copy of your Final Report will be mailed to you as well.

How to Register

Prior to enrolling in this program, you will need to complete an Essential Skills assessment and then be referred by your Employment and Income Assistant Case Coordinator or your Skills and Employment Partnerships Career Development Consultant.